Serving Our Island Community

Our church is not only a postcard worthy and historic building! We are a friendly and welcoming church community whose overarching ministry is of service to the wider island community. Regardless of religious affiliation, we provide many activities which add inestimable value to the entire island. It is our purpose and pleasure to be of service to Lummi Island. Here is some of what we do:

Parish Health Ministry
PROVIDES rides to appointments.
LENDS needed medical equipment.
ARRANGES meals in emergencies.
GUIDES through medical systems.
ANSWERS questions and advises.

All island elders (self-defined!) are welcome on Wednesdays for lunch, conversation, and playing cards. 

Parish Dinners                                                                       
We host monthly dinners for the island which boost community and raise donated funds for various non-profit groups. 

Holiday Dinners                                                                                
On Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter we host meals for any who do not have other plans and would like to share a special meal in community.

Concerts, Speakers, Films                                                                                  
Throughout the year we hold a variety of musical concerts, host speakers, and screen films.

For Island Children                                                                               
The Easter Egg Hunt in the cemetery is an island tradition and one of the island’s most joyful and meaningful events.

Ministry of Space and Place                                                                         
The Church Beach [closed during construction] is one of Lummi’s best destinations and is open for the public to enjoy. The stone Labyrinth [closed during construction] nurtures spirituality and enhances meditation in our quiet forest. Our building is used by island groups like AA, Civic Club, Yoga, etc. Weddings and Memorial Services are held in our lovely sanctuary.

Rummage Sale                  
A July 4th weekend tradition! The whole island gathers for this annual celebration of recycled bargains, great fun, food and drinks, plus rockin’ music.