Whether you are visiting the island for the first time, are an occasional vacationer, seasonal resident, or a lifelong islander, we’d love to have you visit us on a Sunday morning! For some, it may not be easy to step through the doors of an unfamiliar church, so here are some things to expect when you do.

We are a friendly, non-judgmental, and inclusive bunch of folks. We come from many different backgrounds and have varied forms of religious experience or no experience at all. There is no dress code, no doctrine will be pushed on you, and your experiences and viewpoints will be respected.

We follow an order of service that includes hymns, prayer, and preaching.

Scripture is central to our worship and we take it seriously but not necessarily literally. We trust that God continues to speak to us today. Sermons are Bible based and invite personal reflection as we wrestle with life’s questions. We encourage and support each person’s spiritual journey. We appreciate worship that nurtures both our hearts and our minds.

Music enhances our worship and nurtures our hearts. We are enriched by a talented pianist, and an exuberant pick-up choir sings monthly.

Communion is open to all, and is celebrated on the first and third Sundays of each month.

Children are always welcome! 

Prayer is central to our faith, and we pray for one another, our island neighbors, and needs around the world. If you would like us to pray for you or those you love, let us know.